Employee Wins Car for Being Website’s 1,000,000th Visitor

Takeaway: A local employee wins the grand prize of a new car after becoming the 1,000,000th visitor to a random website, much to the jealousy of his fellow employees. His co-workers respond by entering every online sweepstakes while at work, bringing productivity to a halt.

Merrillville–Heads turned and compliments were given when Chris Johnson, a data entry professional with a local marketing company, pulled into work driving a new 2014 Ford Mustang. Johnson received his new wheels after clicking on a pop up advertisement while browsing the Internet at work.

Chris explained his good luck in an interview with Think Tank NTG, “I was at work doing the same things I do every day on my computer. Watching YouTube videos, checking Facebook, chatting with friends, you know, just normal stuff.”

It was then that something not-so-ordinary caught the attention of Johnson. “At the top of a random website was a flashing box that said, ‘WINNER WINNER WINNER YOU HAVE WON A FREE CAR!’ I flipped out! I threw my hands up in the air and started high fiving all my coworkers. The whole office was pretty excited about it. We had to close up early because nobody was able to concentrate on getting any of their work done.”

When asked how he received the car, Chris said, “It was easy. All I had to do was click the flashy box thing and enter my personal information in a form.” Within the hour, representatives from a local car dealership delivered his new ride to Chris.

But not everybody in Chris’ office is happy for him. Co-worker Derek Carpenter has garnered some resentment after passing up on the golden opportunity. Derek explains, “Just minutes before Chris won, I was notified by the same website that I was the 999,999th visitor. I could have clicked the flashy thing like Johnson did and won me a free iPad, and if I was smart, I could have clicked a second time and also won a free car.”

When asked why Derek didn’t click on the offer he said, “I thought it was too good to be true. Now look at me. I am driving an old car and using an inferior mobile device.”

Motivated by Johnson’s good luck, the rest of his office has doubled their efforts to win prizes by clicking on more pop up ads. Office workers like Kenyon admitted that they now spend a significant amount of time at work opening e-mails promising big money.

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