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If your company or organization does not meet governmental and/or industry regulations, there would likely be penalties, fines and additional consequences. You must consider all regulations when making IT decisions. Most industries are now covered and, more recently vendors supplying those industries must comply with the same requirements.

There is a great deal of variations in the regulations that apply to different industries, with most of them directed toward the security of personal information and keeping it private. Other regulations have to do with record keeping, ensuring that they can be trusted and are being kept and/or archived appropriately.


Companies and organizations must consider that:

  • All entities that have access to or store healthcare related information must follow provisions set down by HIPAA, not just those working in healthcare.
  • Personal data and information like bank account numbers, social security numbers, and any other information must be kept securely. Numerous laws require that a public announcement must be made should a disclosure occur.
  • PCI DSS regulates credit card data protection and if you fail to comply you may lose your ability to accept and process credit cards.
  • When selecting IT systems, you have a responsibility to consider the regulations required for your industry as well as those in your state.
  • Compliance requires IT skills and experience.

To get compliant with all relevant regulations in Northwest Indiana is no easy task. It requires a very specialized skill set and the cooperation of all business units. Maintaining compliance also is no easy task since systems are often being updated and there could be configuration changes. This is an ongoing and tedious job that can only be done by a highly skilled and experienced IT team who specializes in compliance.

Think Tank NTG has just such a team and can partner with you to provide HIPAA Guidelines and Checkups.

Whether you are in the financial sector, healthcare or any other field that has access to sensitive information, we can help. Think Tank NTG can manage your compliance requirements so that you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is meeting all its compliance requirements.



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