Our SideKick Services


Flat Fee IT services are custom built for you. Your Flat Fee IT program allows you to choose what services you want covered. It is like signing up for cable. You pick the package that meets your needs now. If you want something extra like HBO later, you can add that at anytime. If you want to watch a a pay‐per‐view event or a movie, your bill will reflect that for that month. Otherwise you know what your getting and what your paying for each month. “No surprises in your network and no surprises in your bill.”

Network Monitoring

Your Sidekick Remote Monitoring does not wait for problems to happen and then fix them; we’re proactive about network monitoring and utilize real‐me status updates for all critical components. Your servers, firewalls and other services are consistently watched in an effort to minimize network downtime and reduce negative impact for you and your staff. 

Managed Server/ Server Farm

Your Sidekick Managed Servers are monitored 24x7 for issues, threats, pending problems, as well as required updates and patches. Services will be patched, optimized, and secured ensuring your business servers remain operational and available for you, and your customers. You can rest easy knowing that your Sidekick never sleeps, takes a vacation or finds another job. Your managed servers will be protected and maintained by your Sidekick staff all day, everyday.

Firewall / Internet

Whether an organization needs to protect a physical or virtual environment, we can help provide a solid security foundation. Using our Sidekick managed firewall service, we filter unwanted or malicious traffic and proactively protect infrastructure.   We can help with internet load balancing, provisioning, and monitoring. 

Data Backup or Business Connuity & Disaster Recovery

Small or large, the data on your computers and servers is the lifeblood of your  company. You will be able to choose the level of protection your organization needs.  You can choose either a simple backup (copy of your data) or a full blown Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) system (Data stored offsite and servers and data fully available in the cloud).  Regardless of what you choose your Sidekick team will make sure your data is safe and available. 

Managed Desktop Support

Sidekick's approach to Desktop Management addresses the entire life-cycle of desk‐top computing from acquisition to retirement. We integrate a comprehensive set of support and management solutions such as Help Desk, Desktop Management, and Infrastructure Support to increase productivity.  Our certified Sidekick  professionals will provide desktop support to your employees, from seeing up printers to  assistance with installing third party software. We also provide them with remote control support for any issue that they may have.  

eMail Support

Office 365, Gmail or your own exchange server  you decide. We are experts in all things email related. We are there to support your needs. Whether it is migration, installation or support. 

Anti‐Spam Protection

Based upon a recent analysis ‐ 85% of the email on the Internet is SPAM. 1 in 239 emails contain a virus according to Symantec Research. With our Anti‐Spam service ‐ that garbage is stopped before reaching your mail server or your computer.

Ransom-ware Protection

Cyber-criminals exploit a variety of threat vectors, including email, network traffic, user behavior, and application traffic to insert ransom-ware. Without a comprehensive security strategy that secures all these vectors, you are almost certain to become a victim.   We use specialized so􀀃ware to detect and stop Ransom-ware when and where it starts.   

Managed Virus Protection 

Using  a cloud based managed Anti‐Virus defense system ensures your virus definitions, patches and updates have been downloaded and applied to every PC and server on the network.  There are no more annual subscriptions and costly licensing fees to deal with.  You will automatically receive the most up to date anti‐virus software versions as they are rolled out and you don’t have to do anything it’s all automatic.   

Hosted VoIP / Cloud Phone

Sidekick's VoIP solution is a hosted PBX phone system  that allows businesses to streamline how they communicate. Sidekick hosted Voice delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system, without the costs of managing and maintaining a PBX!