Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery



You can't afford any uncertainty in your company's data back-up system, and if a virus or other digital crisis occurs, you need to have your systems up and running, as they were, as soon as possible.


Backup Disaster Recovery



Business Continuity


To ensure that your company is protected from disaster, we believe that it's best practice to find a solution that not only backs up your data redundantly in multiple locations, but has the ability to restore in minutes!


Backup Disaster Recovery

This is how we managed Backup Disaster Recovery:



Draw up an assessment of every process dependent on IT services and environment




Identify and categorize your IT application portfolio to include your Service Level Objectives




Explain the differences between IT Disaster Recovery and Business Stability and Continuity




When disaster occurs, what management and communication practices are set up?



How are system administration and IT change-management affected by critical business service continuity?


Develop technical requirements to ensure security, resource requirements and a model for application compatibility.


Review and evaluate current backup systems and recovery strategies.




Regularly reassess current disaster recovery procedure and process, with a focus on changing threats and business process


Need a little more? No problem:


High Availability

Best of all, our pricing is simple and won't destroy your monthly budget.  

Resilient Design

We take the extra steps needed to ensure your data is automatically back-up your data to a highly-secure, off-site location.

Business Continuity

No costly downtime. No server rebuilds. You get your system, your settings, as a mirror image that instantly takes over if trouble occurs - something that we monitor for round the clock.  

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Business Continuity

This is how we Handle Business Continuity:

All businesses in Internet are confronted by any number of threats, from minor power outages to unexpected natural disasters. These can easily disrupt your phone system and Internet connection, resulting in downtime. Every time this happens you can lose customers and  revenue.

Our Business Continuity Solutions have one goal and that is to keep your business running with minimal effect on your business. We do this by implementing the following:

  • Wireless Backup: Should your business lose phone service and Internet connection, our system automatically transfers phone calls, Internet access including email messages to a wireless network. Our service is designed to be compatible with any type of phone and/or Internet service.
  • Advanced Voice Solutions: When and if an unplanned event occurs, our system will seamlessly reroute and forward all phone calls to a different phone number.
  • Cloud Hosting and Data Backup: Keeps your critical data and applications safe and secure by avoiding the risk that on-site servers pose.
  • Data Networking: If there should be an outage our system offers secure, redundant hardware and brilliantly designed network routing to provide automatic failover.

Think Tank NTG has a team of Sidekicks ready to protect your business so that it can continue to run during an unexpected outage or disaster so that you can remain in contact with your colleagues and customers throughout the event, keeping you on the road to success.



Need a little more? No problem:


  • Operational Stability: Keeps to a minimum any effect that the disruption has on your company’s ability to run.
  • System Retrieval: Allows all critical IT systems to be recovered intact.
  • No Customer Disruptions: Enables you to continue providing products and services to clients and customers while maintaining their confidence in you in conducting business.
  • Limit Financial Exposure: Lower your company’s risk of sustaining a financial loss by enabling you to continue operating normally despite the outage.
  • Investor and Customer Confidence: Offers protection for your company image and brand.
  • Ensures Compliance: Enables you to continue meeting regulatory and legal requirements without disruption.



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