Cat Tech Support: You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that cat memes infest the Internet to the point where it’s difficult to not see one. But, have you considered that it might not be that people are obsessed with cats, and that maybe the cats are simply overwhelmed by their ego as a superior race? Perhaps cats understand technology far better than even humans do, and they are the masterminds behind why the Internet has gone cat-crazy.

It’s long been thought that the domestic cat’s seemingly spastic behavior was a sign of inferior intelligence. However, the human race in recent years has been quick to forget that the people of ancient civilizations revered cats as gods and spiritual entities for a reason. As it turns out, new research shows that cats are potentially much more proficient with technology than even humans are, opposable thumbs aside. With their superior knowledge, skillsets, and behavioral traits, they are capable of performing quality technology maintenance and support with ease”¦ so long as you don’t mind a hairball or two.

Cats Have Exceptional Memory
It’s been proven that cats have the potential to remember events that occurred up to ten years ago. Considering how most cats alive today have been exposed to technology, it’s logical to assume that these cats have retained knowledge of their exposure to it. Just like the children of today, these felines have a predisposition and innate understanding of technology. This means that they have experience from an early age that they can recall within a moment’s notice.

This isn’t unlike the technology professionals at Think Tank NTG, who have years upon years of experience in the industry. Therefore, feline understanding of technology isn’t such a farfetched theory. In fact, it makes perfect sense. The kittens of today are the IT technicians of tomorrow, and they continue to learn and teach themselves as they grow older.

Cats Are Curious
If cats are anything at all, they’re curious. If they spot something they’re interested in, they’ll dig until they find it. This is a trait that’s found in most IT technicians. The reason they got involved with technology is likely due to their desire to understand how something works. This primal instinct is much stronger in cats, as they aren’t restricted by the rules of logic and reasoning when searching for the fix to an issue. They’ll knock a glass of water off the table to learn about gravity. If they smell something good, they’ll dig through the garbage until they find it.

Of course, cats don’t have much capacity for cause and effect, so they might try the same tactic multiple times to no avail. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

Cats Are Protective
One of the most important traits for an IT worker to have is to be territorial. When something unfamiliar steps into their realm, like viruses or malware, they’re quick to act. They immediately take steps to eliminate the threat from the network. Just like the IT technician, cats pay very close attention to their territory and dislike intruders. They take measures to keep them out, and are prepared to fight in order to protect their realm with tooth and claw.

With Think Tank NTG’s Office Cat Technician solution, we’ll provide your business with a specialized feline technician who keeps an eye on both your company’s technology and cuteness situation. Give us a call at 800-501-DATA to learn more.

Disclaimer: Think Tank NTG isn’t liable for any damages caused by the Office Cat Technician solution, including: chewed or frayed cords, destroyed technology, medical bills caused by allergic reactions, smelly carpets, and more.

Happy April Fool’s Day from all of the technicians at Think Tank NTG!

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