Office of Michael Min – HIPAA CheckUp Case Study

Think Tank NTG helped us become more HIPAA Compliant

Office of Michael Min, DDS

Think Tank NTG did an outstanding job assessing and informing our dental practice on how we would score in the case of a HIPAA compliance audit by DHHS.

By spending time looking at our office and our computers, they were able to assess practices that were already in place and made suggestions on what needed to be changed in order to become compliant.

They looked at;

  • Staff log-ins and password issues
  • Workstation and server security
  • Our wireless network
  • Email service
  • Antivirus updates
  • Backup plan
  • and more!

We were scored on our practices and given a report with issues of concerns and a recommendation on how to fix each issue.

The best part was that they provided us with the written Policies and Procedures needed to update our policy manual.  Think Tank NTG provided us a binder with a very detailed report, and a team of technicians sat down with us to go over the results.  Their professionalism in explaining their concerns and how to resolve those concerns were beyond our expectations.