Are you going to make sure your machete is handy and start boarding up your windows for the coming of George Romero’s slow-moving walking dead, or will you load up on ammo and lock yourself in a bunker for the more active and feral Max Brooks-type zombies? What about your data, like your Zombie Survival Guide E-book? Is it safe?

Regardless of whatever Zombie type comes with the Zombocolypse, how do you protect your data from being lost? Do you have a BDR in place? You may be asking “what good is data in a post apocalyptic world?” Well our answer would simply be, not all zombies come in human form.

Even though some scientist claim that a Zombocalpse is not impossible due to our susceptibility to neurotoxins, the rage virus, parasites or even nanobots, real life zombies exist today. In computer science, a zombie can be classified as a computer thats been taken over by a hacker, using a virus, or a trojan horse. In fact, most people whose computer has been “bitten” don’t even know they’ve been infected.

So we ask again. Are you prepared for the Zombocalypse? A BDR solution from Think Tank NTG can solve this problem in the event your network becomes a series of data-eating zombies. Our zombie slayers have some of the best known tools and resources at their disposal to prevent infection or cure and repair it if necessary. You can’t operate your business if all of your collaborated data has been lost.

In fact, a business who has suffered major data loss has a 70% chance of going out of business within 2 years. Why would you take that risk, especially with such an affordable solution from Think Tank NTG? Don’t think you can’t fall victim to a Zombocalypse. It’s almost impossible to be 100% protected from a hacker enslaving every computing device you own. It may not be long before they find the solution.

Prepare your antiserum with a BDR solution today from Think Tank NTG by calling us at 800-501-DATA. You never know, you may already be infected.

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