3 Advantages to Hosting Your Own Phone System In-House

A lot has been said about communications solutions, particularly in regard to the advantages and disadvantages of hosted and in-house telephony infrastructures. While businesses find that a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system is very convenient, there are others who believe that an on-site telephony infrastructure presents a certain value.

The biggest difference between an on-premises and hosted cloud phone system is the shift in responsibility for maintenance. An on-premise solution is kept on-site in the form of hardware stored in your server room or a dedicated receptacle. On the other hand, a cloud-hosted phone system is stored off-site and is maintained by an outsourced provider. It is a phone system that users access through an Internet connection. While it might seem appealing to shift this responsibility away from your organization, there’s a case for on-site solutions that you may want to hear.

Here are some of the advantages of hosting your own VoIP solution in-house, compared to going through a cloud-hosted provider.

  • Control: Compared to a hosted solution, your organization can have greater control over the phone system. You can add or remove users, phone numbers, and the like, rather than calling your hosting provider and having them do it for you. Of course, this also means that you have greater responsibility over the system as a whole, so it’s imperative that you have staff on-site or outsourced IT support that you can rely on for assistance


  • Use your existing infrastructure: Your organization already has an infrastructure laid out which connects your workstations to networks, servers, and other important hardware components. When you implement an in-house phone system infrastructure, you can use this same network to connect your employees to the phone system. If you’re hosting your solution in the cloud, this entails configuration of the system and its setup–something that you may not have control over with a hosted solution.

How does your business communicate? Do you use a traditional phone system that’s difficult to scale, or do you take advantage of a cloud-hosted VoIP solution? Have you ever considered moving your communications infrastructure in-house? If so, Think Tank NTG can assist with the implementation and maintenance of your phone system. To learn more, reach out to us at 800-501-DATA.

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