It wasn’t too long ago when a person could go to his or her local supermarket and rent a copy of their favorite movie on VHS. When that novelty fell off, you could still get the movies at your local video store. Every town had one. Whether it was a chain such as Blockbuster or a locally owned store, millions of people relied on the video store in their town for entertainment for the better part of a quarter of a century.

Try walking into a department store to purchase a VCR now.

Once the digital video disk was introduced, it spelled curtains for VHS tapes, VCRs, and ultimately, the video stores themselves. Sure there are still a smattering of video stores as well as millions of video kiosks where you can still get the latest and greatest movies and other digital entertainment. This evolution happened once the technology demanded it. The delivery model for entertainment had to be changed. The cost efficiency of maintaining DVD kiosks versus having to maintain a brick and mortar storefront with employees, all the while competing with web-based streaming services, necessitated this change in delivery.

The same can be said for the backup solution your company uses. The evolution of data backup is evident when considering the cost efficiency of the various solutions. All business owners should realize that data retention is as vital for their business as paying rent; more so if you have a workforce that works remotely. Your company needs to secure its data, and by researching the capabilities of digital backup solutions, you’ll come to the same conclusion many business owners have come to: Using an analog solution to backup your company’s data is ludicrous. Tape backup is going the way of the VHS.

Always touted as being the most affordable backup solution, tape backup has lost significant ground to digitally-based solutions as the cost of hard disks, virtualization, and cloud storage has decreased substantially. To ensure that your organization’s data is redundantly backed up and easily retrievable, contact the IT professionals at Think Tank NTG to learn more about their comprehensive backup and disaster recovery service. Our solution is easy to implement and there are no tapes, no labor, and no hassle. We backup your data regularly so when something happens requiring data retrieval, whether that be a major disaster or just a simple mistake by a member of your staff, you won’t face the costly downtime you would if you were using tape to backup your data.

Why would you institute antiquated technology that is not cost effective and makes it more difficult on you. Call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA to learn more about our bulletproof backup and disaster recovery solution, as well as the other services we feature that can help you considerably improve the efficiency and productivity of your office.

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