You Don’t Want to Miss These Important Microsoft Updates!

This week, Microsoft will be releasing critical security patches for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, and SharePoint Server. Updating software is something Microsoft does routinely; however, users should pay attention when critical patches are released because they are,well, critical.

If your company is signed up with our managed IT services, then you don’t have to give these updates a second thought. Think Tank NTG will be remotely installing them on your company’s computers. In order to provide you with the best security possible, we do more than instantly install every update that is released, we make sure the patch is first tested with our white listing service to protect your network from any viruses using an update as a Trojan horse, as well as QC checking the update to make sure it does not disrupt your business operations.

What Makes These Updates so Critical?
There is a sense of urgency with critical updates due to the nature of how network security works. A software company like Microsoft works hard to find and fix security flaws, but fixing holes in security comes at the expense of notifying the hacker community about these vulnerabilities. Once the hackers have been alerted to these vulnerabilities, they will attempt to exploit them in computer systems that have yet to be updated. Therefore, it is critical that you stay current with your Windows system updates.

A critical security patch contains several updates. In this round, one in particular stands out to us. This important update is called “Bulletin 1,” and it improves security with every version of Internet Explorer going all the way back to IE6. Although, even with this new update, we would still highly recommend that you not use IE6. As a rule, the newer the version of a web browser that you use, the more secure that it is.

If you have not subscribed to Think Tank NTG’s managed IT service, then you will want to install these security patches yourself on every workstation that uses Windows OS and Microsoft applications. The middle of the week is the ideal time to perform these updates since this is when Microsoft routinely releases them.

If you would like Think Tank NTG to take care of these updates for you, then give us a call at 800-501-DATA. We will perform a free scan on your system and show you your network’s vulnerabilities, as well as tell you about our proactive managed services that will remotely implement every update and other maintenances. Give us a call if you want to learn more about managed IT.

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