Why You Should Care About the New iPad Air

Apple is at it again. After record breaking sales of the new iPhone 5s, Apple announced a new product line with confidence. CEO Tim Cooke and his staff recently launched new MacBook models, the Mac Pro workstation, a new OS, a new iPad mini model, and the most anticipated highlight; the new iPad Air.

What’s the Big Deal?
The new iPad Air carries on the legacy of its strong iPad family history. Since its introduction in 2010, the iPad product line has become the most popular tablet on the market, elevating mobile computing possibilities to new heights. The iPad Air exemplifies the reasons why the tablet became a household technology gadget in the first place.

Introduced in September, the new iPad Air combines science-fiction-esque hardware solutions with the amazingly intuitive and attractive iOS7 software. Here’s what the iPad Air promises to deliver:

  • It only weighs one pound; making it the lightest full-size tablet in the world! It’s as light as your shoe, a football, or 4 sticks of butter.
  • It’s just 7.5 millimeters thin; making it the thinnest full-size tablet in the world!
  • It’s equipped with the A7 chip (the same one in the new iPhones); making it the only tablet in the world with 64-bit architecture! The chip promises 2x CPU performance and 2x graphics performance compared to the previous iPad models, along with a 10 hour battery life.
  • It’s armed with 2 wireless antennas; promising up to 2x faster Wi-Fi compared to the previous generation iPad.
  • The graphics are gorgeous; utilizing the retina display and 64-bit combination.
  • It’s integrated with iOS 7; allowing for over 475,000 apps to make your life easier.

All in all, this device is a complete “win” in the Apple playbook.

Business Benefits
The iPad Air carries the potential to simplify your workday, and even add some fun! Here are some potential game-changers for the way you do things.

  • Tons of free apps. Including Pages, Keynote, Numbers to produce documents, presentations, and spreadsheets for work.
  • iCloud integration. All of your work can be saved in the cloud, making your files accessible to iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and any device that has Internet access.
  • iOS device management. As a business manager, you can manage all of the iPads in your company’s fleet wirelessly with built-in MDM framework.
  • Build custom apps. If you’re skilled enough to know how, you can develop apps specifically for your business with built-in development tools in iOS 7.

The new iPad Air gives business managers freedom, mobility, and inspiration to organize their business in new ways. This powerful device costs $499 for the baseline 16GB model; however, Apple offers a volume purchase program, just in case you wanted to turn your office into a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) work environment. The highest capacity model is the 128GB, selling for $799, and these devices are compatible with cellular data networks for an increased price of $229. While the price may seem steep, Apple promises that you’ll receive amazing benefits that will make your investment worth it.

Is the iPad Air a good fit for your business? To learn more about how to integrate this top-tier tablet into your office routine, call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA. We will assess your needs, and help customize your new iPad for an unbeatable experience.

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