When you go home for the night and lock your office door, what happens in your office under the cover of darkness? During the day, you are present to monitor what goes on and control the chaos, but what kind of monitoring and controls are in place for your office at night?

For all you know, your office can have a Toy Story situation going on with the decorative action figures coming to life and going on heartwarming adventures. This would explain why there are items in your office that are slightly askew to where you left them. If you don’t have any toys in your office, then you are safe. However, keeping a Buzz Lightyear next to your front door to help monitor security is always a good idea.

Many offices will have a cleaning crew come in after hours. You can tell from the vacuumed floors and the clean dishes that their time was well spent, but unless you have supervised the crew, you have to take their word that it took them as long as they say it did to clean your office. All it takes is for one slacker to find their way on the cleaning crew to turn your office into one of the hottest late-night party spots in Northwest Indiana. If you find confetti in random places, then this is definitely going on.

Are you 100% positive that everybody goes home for the night? There’s always that one employee that is getting paid the same as everybody else, yet seems to be doing better financially. What’s their secret? It’s easy to afford nice things if you sleep under your desk and don’t have to spend money on a place to stay. The trick to pulling this off is to leave the office in the morning before everyone shows up, and then circle back to work as scheduled. If you are missing a spare key, then you might want to check under the desks at night.

With managed IT service from Think Tank NTG, you know exactly what’s going on in your office at night: every computer on your network is receiving critical updates thanks to our remote maintenance tools. We have discovered that overnight is the perfect time to perform routine scans on your system, like virus scans and checking for errors. These maintenances take up computer resources in order to pull off, which is why it’s good to do these scans during the night so they won’t drag down operations. Also, many of these updates will require the computer to be rebooted. The night is the best time to do this so that you won’t have to take an employee offline.

Whatever happens in your office at night, the whole point of going home is so that you can take a break from the craziness of the workplace. With remote monitoring and maintenance IT service from Think Tank NTG, you can rest assured that, when you come in to work the next morning, all of your computers will be up-to-date and scanned for errors.

Of course, to really learn what’s going on in your office at night, you can get a digital surveillance system. There are many affordable systems on the market that Think Tank NTG and we can help you choose the best one. With new cameras installed, you will now be able to record the adventures of toys, party-goers, and cleaning crews alike. Call us at 800-501-DATA to learn more!

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