Upgrade Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2012

The following table lists known issues related to AD DS installation.

KB article number and title

Technology area impacted


2737129: Group Policy preparation is not performed when you automatically prepare an existing domain for Windows Server 2012

AD DS Installation

Adprep /domainprep /gpprep is not automatically run as part of installing the first DC that runs Windows Server 2012 in a domain. If it has never been run previously in the domain, it must be run manually.

2737416: Windows PowerShell-based domain controller deployment repeats warnings

AD DS Installation

Warnings can appear during prerequisite validation and then reappear during the installation.

2737424: “Format of the specified domain name is invalid” error when you try to remove Active Directory Domain Services from a domain controller

AD DS Installation

This error appears if you are removing the last DC in a domain where pre-created RODC accounts still exist. This affects Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

2737463: Domain controller does not start, c00002e2 error occurs, or “Choose an option” is displayed

AD DS Installation

A DC does not start because an administrator used Dism.exe, Pkgmgr.exe, or Ocsetup.exe to remove the DirectoryServices-DomainController role.

2737516: IFM verification limitations in Windows Server 2012 Server Manager

AD DS Installation

IFM verification can have limitations as explained in the KB article.

2737535: Install-AddsDomainController cmdlet returns parameter set error for RODC

AD DS Installation

You can receive an error when you try to attach a server to an RODC account if you specify arguments that are already populated on the pre-created RODC account.

2737560: “Unable to perform Exchange schema conflict check” error, and prerequisites check fails

AD DS Installation

Prerequisite check fails when you configure the first Windows Server 2012 DC in an existing domain because DCs are missing the SeServiceLogonRight for Network Service or because WMI or DCOM protocols are blocked.

2737797: AddsDeployment module with the -Whatif argument shows incorrect DNS results

AD DS Installation

The ““WhatIf parameter shows DNS server will not be installed but it will be.

2737807: The Next button is not available on the Domain Controller Options page

AD DS Installation

The Next button is disabled on the Domain Controller Options page because the IP address of the target DC does not map to an existing subnet or site, or because the DSRM password is not typed and confirmed correctly.

2737935: Active Directory installation stalls at the “Creating the NTDS settings object” stage

AD DS Installation

The installation hangs because the local Administrator password matches the domain Administrator password, or because networking problems prevent critical replication from completing.

2738060: “Access is denied” error message when you create a child domain remotely by using Install-AddsDomain

AD DS Installation

You receive the error when you run Install-ADDSDomain with the Invoke-Command cmdlet if the DNSDelegationCredential has a bad password.

2738697: “The server is not operational” domain controller configuration error when you configure a server by using Server Manager

AD DS Installation

You receive this error when you try to install AD DS on a workgroup computer because NTLM authentication is disabled.

2738746: You receive access denied errors after you log on to a local administrator domain account

AD DS Installation

When you log on using a local Administrator account rather than the built-in Administrator account and then create a new domain, the account is not added to the Domain Admins group.

2743345: “The system cannot find the file specified” Adprep /gpprep error, or tool crashes

AD DS Installation

You receive this error when you run adprep /gpprep because the infrastructure master is implements a disjoint namespace

2743367: Adprep “not a valid Win32 application” error on Windows Server 2003, 64-bit version

AD DS Installation

You receive this error because Windows Server 2012 Adprep cannot be run on Windows Server 2003.

2753560: ADMT 3.2 and PES 3.1 installation errors on Windows Server 2012


ADMT 3.2 cannot be installed on Windows Server 2012 by design.

2750857: DFS Replication diagnostic reports do not display correctly in Internet Explorer 10

DFS Replication

DFS Replication diagnostic report does not display correctly because of changes in Internet Explorer 10.

2741537: Remote Group Policy updates are visible to users

Group Policy

This is due to scheduled tasks run in the context of each user who is logged on. The Windows Task Scheduler design requires an interactive prompt in this scenario.

2741591: ADM files are not present in SYSVOL in the GPMC Infrastructure Status option

Group Policy

GP replication can report “replication in progress” because GPMC Infrastructure Status does not follow customized filtering rules.

2737880: “The service cannot be started” error during AD DS configuration

Virtual DC cloning

You receive this error while installing or removing AD DS, or cloning, because the DS Role Server service is disabled.

2742836: Two DHCP leases are created for each domain controller when you use the VDC cloning feature

Virtual DC cloning

This happens because the cloned domain controller received a lease before cloning and again when cloning was complete.

2742844: Domain controller cloning fails and the server restarts in DSRM in Windows Server 2012

Virtual DC cloning

The cloned DC starts in DSRM because cloning failed for any of a variety of reasons listed in the KB article.

2742874: Domain controller cloning does not re-create all service principal names

Virtual DC cloning

Some three-part SPNs are not recreated on the cloned DC because of a limitation of the domain rename process.

2742908: “No logon servers are available” error after cloning domain controller

Virtual DC cloning

You receive this error when you try to log on after cloning a virtualized DC because cloning failed and the DC is started in DSRM. Log on as .administrator to troubleshoot the cloning failure.

2742916: Domain controller cloning fails with error 8610 in dcpromo.log

Virtual DC cloning

Cloning fails because the PDC emulator has not performed inbound replication of the domain partition, likely because the role was transferred.

2742927: “Index was out of range” New-AdDcCloneConfig error

Virtual DC cloning

You receive the error after you run New-ADDCCloneConfigFile cmdlet while cloning virtual DCs, either because the cmdlet was not run from an elevated command prompt or because your access token does not contain the Administrators group.

2742959: Domain controller cloning fails with error 8437: “invalid parameter was specified for this replication operation”

Virtual DC cloning

Cloning failed because an invalid clone name or a duplicate NetBIOS name was specified.

2742970: DC Cloning fails with no DSRM, duplicate source and clone computer

Virtual DC cloning

The cloned virtual DC boots in Directory Services Repair Mode (DSRM), using a duplicate name as the source DC because the DCCloneConfig.xml file was not created in the correct location or because the source DC was rebooted before cloning.

2743278: Domain controller cloning error 0x80041005

Virtual DC cloning

The cloned DC boots into DSRM because only one WINS server was specified. If any WINS server is specified, both Preferred and Alternate WINS servers must be specified.

2745013: “Server is not operational” error message if you run New-AdDcCloneConfigFile in Windows Server 2012

Virtual DC cloning

You receive this error after you run the New-ADDCCloneConfigFile cmdlet because the server cannot contact a global catalog server.

2747974: Domain controller cloning event 2224 provides incorrect guidance

Virtual DC cloning

Event ID 2224 incorrectly states that managed service accounts must be removed before cloning. Standalone MSAs must be removed but Group MSAs do not block cloning.

2748266: You cannot unlock a BitLocker-encrypted drive after you upgrade to Windows 8


You receive an “Application not found” error when you try to unlock a drive on a computer that was upgraded from Windows 7.

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