Have you ever been so mad at your crummy printer that you referred to it as a piece of excrement? Well, it turns out that printers and toilets have more in common than you may have thought.

It All Goes to One Place
In the same way that many printers used in businesses are connected to a network made up of multiple printers, an organization with an office big enough to have multiple toilets has all of their porcelain thrones hooked up to the same network of pipes leading to one big drain hole exiting the building. Now, what would happen if every potty in the office was flushed at the same time? If the main drain wasn’t built to handle the flow, you would have a very messy problem on your hands.

Can Your Business Handle a Super Flush?
Engineers prepare for this potential problem and design their plumbing systems to be able to handle a maximum flush scenario where all the building’s toilets flush at the same time. Due to this risk, new sports stadiums participate in an event called a “super flush” before officially opening. At a super flush event, hundreds of fans take positions at every toilet in the stadium to simultaneously flush each one.

Don’t believe us? Here’s an example of a super flush event from Florida Atlantic University before they opened their new stadium. For the event, 100 FAU faithful reported for duty and flushed all 365 stalls. Go Owls!

Is your company’s computer network prepared for a super flush, more commonly referred to as a virtual peak flow test? What would happen if every employee in your office hit “print” at the exact same time? Due to the fact that a single print job takes up a significant amount of bandwidth, a printer super flush would likely cripple your network causing your system to experience downtime–which would be the equivalent (though less messy) of a failed super flush at a sports stadium during a playoff game. 

A Print Server, Your #1 Print Solution
The best way to have your network pass a virtual peak flow test is to grab a monkey wrench and install a print server solution from Think Tank NTG. It’s the job of the print server to handle all of the print traffic on your company’s network. That way, your main servers that host your business-critical applications won’t be clogged if there’s a sudden and unexpected burst of print jobs.

How’s that for Sweet Relief!
With a print server from Think Tank NTG redirecting all print traffic to a dedicated server giving you expanded printing options, like increased printing controls, your network will be freed up to handle all of your business-related traffic at high-flow speeds. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you receive from a network where everything works at the push of a lever.

For more information, reach out to Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA.

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