Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communication tool designed for business. VoIP takes advantage of your Internet connection to dramatically reduce your phone bill, sometimes by as much as 80% compared to traditional long distance plans. VoIP also comes with unique features to that will assist your company in customer service and employee training.

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Every VoIP service plan comes loaded with dozens of helpful features. Call Monitoring is one feature that can assist you with employee training by allowing you to keep tabs on phone calls and give input when needed. Call Monitoring gives you three monitoring options.

Monitoring will allow you to listen in on a company phone call with your end muted. Remember, you aren’t being a creeper if you are the one paying for the call. Call Monitoring is a great way to assist with security by letting you keep tabs on employees when sensitive information is being discussed. It’s also a great tool to track employee performance and make sure that their level of customer service is meeting your expectations. For transparency, you can include a recorded message saying, “This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes.”

With Whisper, you have the ability to talk to your employee so that they can hear you, but the customer will not be able to (it’s like you’re whispering in their ear). This is a great way to give your new salesperson a little assistance on sales calls. “Mention our sale.” “Remind them of the discount for upgrading.” “Apologize for pronouncing their name wrong.” With your helpful suggestions, you can train all of your employees to talk to customers the same way you would.

The Barge feature will allow you to fully enter the phone call and allow you to talk directly with both parties. This will give your employee confidence that, if a customer’s questions get too deep, you will be right there to hop in and provide assistance. Monitoring will give you context about the conversation so that you don’t have to ask 20 questions when you “barge in.” Your customers will appreciate not having to explain themselves a second time.

VoIP will even allow you to monitor phone calls from employees not in the office. As long as they are calling from their VoIP phone number, you can monitor the phone call, no matter where in the world they are calling from! Having the Call Monitoring feature with VoIP will add value to your phone by turning it into a great employee training tool. To get VoIP for your business, call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA, and be aware that your phone call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes.

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