Today’s Network Security is about Controlling Information

The modern IT landscape is dramatically changing from a model where an IT department controls everything, to companies outsourcing their IT services. This paradigm shift challenges older ideas about traditional network security equating ownership and control with strong security. Does your business view IT outsourcing as a security help or a hindrance?

The Transition to the Cloud
Before the days of cloud computing, businesses housed their entire IT infrastructure and hired technicians to manage their technology. For years, this IT model served businesses well, but then cloud computing came along and offered businesses a more economical and convenient way to approach IT.

This shift to cloud computing didn’t happen overnight. Many businesses slowly migrated their IT systems over to the cloud and phased out their IT personnel. In fact, there are still several businesses that have yet to embrace the cloud, which shows that this transition is still taking place. With current cloud computing technology, businesses have the capability to virtualize their entire IT infrastructure, and while we will likely see this as normative in the future, there is still some resistance to cloud computing from businesses preferring the old ways.

The Fundamentals of IT Security
One big reason old school companies are resisting cloud computing is because they equate control with security. In a recent HP enterprise security event in London, Neil MacDonald, VP of Gartner, explained the relationship between control and security, “It’s not about ownership and control. That worked in the past because we owned everything. We don’t own everything and we need new models for trust and trustability that do not rely on direct ownership.”

MacDonald went on to explain that network security is fundamentally not about controlling hardware like many businesses perceive it to be. “Information security was never about device lockdown, or dictating applications, or building firewalls. It was always about protecting the confidentiality, the integrity, the authenticity, the availability of information.” If security is primarily about protecting information, then you will need to take extra care when choosing a cloud service provider to host your information.

Choosing a Network Security Solution for Your Business
When searching for a reliable cloud hosting company, you will want to make sure they’re addressing all of your security concerns and that you feel 100% comfortable with them handling your sensitive data. Feel free to ask your potential cloud provider questions, sort of like a job interview. In fact, you can look at shopping for a cloud service provider in the same light as hiring a new IT technician to join your staff.

You wouldn’t hire a new IT technician based on a cool name or on reputation alone, but you would sit the candidate down for a series of interviews and perform a background check. You can use this same interrogation process with a cloud computing company by checking out testimonials and customer reviews, and by scheduling time to have a thorough discussion with a knowledgeable representative. Be sure the rep answers all of your questions to your satisfaction.

Think Tank NTG is in a unique position to be your cloud provider because we understand the dynamics of network security. We are both innovative by providing businesses with cloud services, and old school by providing companies with traditional fix-it solutions. Both of these approaches to IT are found in our managed IT service plan. This is a unique offering that allows you to outsource many of the tedious IT services like maintenance, data backup, system updates, and much more, all while having access to our Help Desk support team, which is made up of our professional IT technicians that will service your hardware.

In the end, whether you keep your entire IT infrastructure in-house or virtualize everything, IT security comes down to going with a solution you are comfortable with. There’s a lot riding on your network security, Think Tank NTG is available to answer your questions and set up your business with an IT service package that meets your needs. Call us at 800-501-DATA to learn more!

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