Tip of the Week: Our Top 10 Favorite Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 has officially been released and a healthy number of the Microsoft faithful are upgrading. With a new operating system comes a new set of features and slight changes to how you interact with your PC. To use Windows 10 in the most proficient way possible, you’re going to want to learn these ten keyboard shortcuts.

[WinKey + S] Activates Cortana

[WinKey + C] Activates Cortana with Speech
Microsoft’s new Cortana personal assistant might just be the handiest feature that you’ll use. For instant access to Cortana, use these keystrokes.

[WinKey + Ctrl + D] Creates a New Virtual Desktop

[WinKey + Ctrl + F4] Close Virtual Desktop

[WinKey + Ctrl + Left or Right] Switch Between Virtual Desktops
One Windows 10 feature that enterprises will want to take advantage of is its robust virtual desktop offering. Using these keystrokes will help you to quickly open, close, and switch back and forth from your virtual desktop to your local desktop.

[WinKey + Shift + Left or Right] Move Apps from One Monitor to Another
By now, many workers have discovered the productivity power of using dual monitors. However, resizing and dragging open windows can become burdensome when you’re working with a lot of different apps. Use this simple keystroke to move your app to the next window without having to fiddle with your mouse.

[WinKey + K] Activates Connect Feature to Stream to Wireless Displays and Audio Devices
This keystroke is pretty self-explanatory, and it will be much used for those who regularly access Connect.

[WinKey + R] Run a Command
Despite all the new bells and whistles of Windows 10, you’re still going to want to be able to access Run Command. Using this keystroke will make it much easier for you to do this than having to dig through files and search for the Run Command prompt.

[WinKey + I] Opens Windows 10 Settings
Microsoft has made great strides to make Windows 10 their most customizable offering yet. Use this keystroke for easy access to settings and give Windows 10 a look that’s all your own.

[WinKey + G] Activates the New Xbox Game Bar to Let You Record Games or Take Screenshots
All you gamers out there are going to love this keystroke.

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