Tip of the Week: Free Up Storage Space in Google Drive

If you use Google Drive, you might notice that your storage fills up faster than you’d like, especially if you haven’t upgraded to get more storage. This can be devastating, and it can prevent you from storing important files when you need to most. Yet, you might not want to upgrade to more storage. What can you do to make the most out of your current data storage plan?

Contrary to what some might think, that free 15GB you get when you start using Google Drive isn’t used by just Drive itself; it’s used across several other Google services, including Gmail and Google+, for email attachments and photos alike. Here’s how you can find what’s eating up all of your Google Drive storage.

Analyze Google Drive’s Storage Page
Thankfully, there’s a really convenient way to see what’s taking up all of your Drive’s storage space. By visiting Drive’s Storage Page, you can see a simple pie chart of what’s using up most of your storage space.