Tip of the Week: Follow this Security Checklist to Prevent a Hack Attack

Network security entails a ton of different procedures, and it can be easy to lose track of what you’ve already implemented, and what still needs to be done. Instead of worrying about keeping your business’s confidential data safe, know with certainty that it’s as secure as possible by following our security checklist.

Have You…

  • “¦ Hack-Proofed Your Passwords? Complex passwords can go a long way toward protecting your business’s network from threats. By using a string of both lower-case and upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols, you can maximize password security and make it drastically more difficult for hackers to guess your passwords.
  • “¦ Integrated Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication turns your mobile device into a security key, which means that any would-be hacker needs access to it if they want to get into your protected account.
  • “¦ Updated with the Latest Patches and Updates? With the latest patches and security updates, your business’s hardware and software solutions will be as secure as possible from both internal and external threats.
  • “¦ Integrated a Firewall? A firewall is your first line of defense against potential threats. It scans data moving to or from your network, to keep threats out or lock them in for prompt elimination.
  • “¦ Integrated Spam-Blocking Solutions? Not only is spam an annoying waste of time, but it often comes attached with viruses and malware. You can save time and increase your network’s security by using a comprehensive spam-blocking solution.
  • …. Tried an Antivirus Solution? This is usually the first thing that people think of when they think of network security. An antivirus solution allows your business to detect and eliminate threats, or quarantine them before they cause any significant damage.
  • “¦ Put a Web Filter in Place? Not everyone has the most secure web browsing habits. Web filters prevent them from browsing sites which might hold malware or other malicious entities.
  • “¦ Scanned Your Network for Potential Threats? Threats come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that you’ve missed one or allowed it to get into your system. Regular security scans can help you locate rogue malware and eliminate it before it causes any trouble.

The good news is that Think Tank NTG has a way of helping businesses just like yours optimize security practices with our comprehensive solutions. For instance, the Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution combines all of the benefits of a firewall, antivirus, spam-blocking, and content filtering solution into one easy package. Another example is our remote management solution, which consists of remotely applying patches to your software and operating systems, as well as monitoring for any suspicious activity.

Contact Think Tank NTG for a comprehensive network audit today. Give us a call at 800-501-DATA to learn more.

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