Tip of the Week: Don’t Be Duped By These 4 Battery Myths

When was the last time you let your phone’s battery die on you? Due to the takeover of mobile technology in the workplace, smartphones have basically become inseparable from their owners, particularly the ever-busy business owner. Despite the imperative role that smartphones have in the workplace, you should know that there are several battery myths that might be holding you back from achieving maximum efficiency with your device.

TechRepublic lists several of these misconceptions surrounding the smartphone battery. You might even be guilty of believing these yourself.

Batteries Can’t Be “Trained” to Perform Better
Some folks believe that you can train your battery to perform better, given enough time and conditioning. This simply isn’t true. There is no way to train your battery to perform better at a certain percentage. Therefore, if your charger is only at a meager 80 percent, there’s no reason not to top it off if you’re going on a business trip. Still, despite this fact, letting it go uncharged for a night might be of some benefit to your battery. Some people believe that leaving your phone plugged in overnight can damage the battery, so if you’re truly unsure about this, just leave it somewhere between 40 to 80 percent overnight.

Off-Brand Chargers Can’t Damage Your Battery
Many people believe that an off-brand charger that you bought from your local big-box store can actually cause irreparable damage to your battery. This isn’t necessarily true. Just because the quality of the charge suffers, doesn’t mean that your battery is damaged. Since chargers aren’t made specifically for your device, it’s only natural that your phone will receive a better charge from the charger that came with it. While a $5 charger might be useful in a pinch, you get what you pay for with off-brand chargers.

Using Your Phone While It’s Charging is Fine
When you use your device, it drains some of the battery power. This is why some people believe that using a phone while it’s charging will decrease the quality of the charge. According to TechRepublic, this only happens if you’re using the worst of the off-brand chargers. Instead, you should be fine using your phone while it charges. It might charge more slowly, but the quality of the charge should be around the same as if you weren’t using it. Besides, even when you aren’t using your phone, there are processes that continue running in the background, eating away at your battery. Why not use a little more and be productive at the same time?

Give Your Phone a Break and Turn It Off
Like any other device that takes advantage of a lithium-ion battery, it’s a good idea to turn off your phone once in a while. If you think about it, there’s nothing bad that can come from giving your battery a break; the reason people might feel this way is because the battery drains while it’s off, but that’s only natural for batteries. In fact, turning off your device is good for its battery, not harmful.

Are you guilty of believing any of these misconceptions? Let us know in the comments.

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