As the global economy experiences recovery and growth, businesses have extra capital freed up to spend on information technology. IT spending is surging, but where exactly is all of this money going? In a recent study, Gartner shines some light on IT’s hottest trends.

Compared to last year, total IT spending is projected to increase by 3.2%, which equates to worldwide projected spending of $3.8 trillion, give or take a few bucks. Richard Gorden, managing vice president at Gartner, attributes this increase to businesses looking to technology to spur growth by suggesting that businesses are getting back to pre-recession spending levels, by saying, “Globally, businesses are shaking off their malaise and returning to spending on IT to support the growth of their business.”

According to Gartner, here are the top three business technologies that are seeing the most growth with IT spending.

1. Telecom Technology
You may not see telecom technology making headlines, yet it receives the largest chunk of IT spending. This year, spending on telecom is expected to hit $1.655 trillion. This remains the biggest chunk of spending, despite the fact that it’s only expected to see a growth of 1.3%.

One of the driving factors as to why telecom is so big is because businesses around the world are currently transitioning away from fixed-line voice services. Companies are making the move to Internet-based communication solutions like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is a solution that allows companies to communicate better at a fraction of the cost than traditional phone lines by eliminating long distance expenses. A VoIP plan can be your all-in-one communications solution because it can offer you video and teleconferencing, instant messaging, and much more.

2. IT Services
Coming in at number two with a 4.6% growth and a total projected spending of $964 billion is IT services, which is Think Tank NTG’s specialty! This includes IT services like managed services and remote support. One reason why the demand for IT services has increased so much is because, with increased capital, more companies are moving from consulting about and planning IT projects to implementing new money-saving IT solutions.

3. Devices
Computer hardware like workstations and mobile devices are projected by Gartner to be the technology that will see the third most in spending this upcoming year; seeing a growth of 4.4% and generating revenue of up to $689 billion. Gartner also projects that PC sales will continue to decline as more companies are going mobile. With the market becoming saturated with so many new mobile devices, it can feel overwhelming to shop for a device that fits the needs of your business. Think Tank NTG can help equip your company with the perfect device that will meet your needs and increase your company’s productivity.

We’re in for an exciting year of technology and Think Tank NTG has the IT solutions you need to make sure that your business succeeds! To find out all the ways that the latest technology can grow your business, give Think Tank NTG a call at 800-501-DATA.

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