The Holidays Don’t Always Bring Joy to Small Business Owners

For most small business owners, your average week includes several moments where you look at your expense sheet and search for ways to cut costs and improve the profitability, and thus, the sustainability of your company. Around the holidays, when business picks up for everyone, some small businesses run into problems that stunt their net profitability. The inability to spend the money that larger companies can, will often result in handcuffing a business’ ability to compete.

At Think Tank NTG, we work with small and mid-sized businesses that are searching to leverage their IT into higher profits. For small businesses, it’s often difficult to take on the expense of adding computing resources or hiring new staff members when business gets it’s busiest. Here are three ways managed services can help you bridge the gap and assist your business into the new year.

Flat Rate IT Support
All companies need their technology to work for them to be successful. The problem with the technology is that it doesn’t know it. At Think Tank NTG, we provide complete remote and physical IT support for your entire organization, without paying the exorbitant rates break-fix vendors charge. For your business to thrive, you need to keep your expenses down and nothing accomplishes that better than our monthly flat-rate IT services.

Hosted Solutions
Until recently, small businesses couldn’t take advantage of the benefits that cloud computing presents organizations. The technology as a whole is a relatively new entity, and previously unavailable at the price point small business owners and CIOs would be willing to commit to.

There are some very attractive benefits of computing in the cloud. With more affordable hosted solutions available these days, small businesses can take advantage of scalable al la carte computing solutions. This presents solutions for the times when adding to a business’ computing infrastructure, allowing for growth without the crippling burden of huge capital expenditures.

Hardware as a Service
Any small business should have computing structure in place capable of handling all the tasks it’s needed for. The expense of adding new people isn’t measured in just that worker’s salary. It includes all the computing infrastructure that individuals within your organization need to be productive. With the Hardware as a Service model, your IT will be available to you as part of your monthly service payment. This allows you to get the computing infrastructure you are after, without taking on the large expenses that are associated with buying computer hardware.

Managed services professionals find pride in helping small businesses get the most out of their IT. At Think Tank NTG, it’s no different. We take pride in finding solutions that provide increased efficiency and productivity. When our clients prosper, we prosper. For more information about how we can present options that can help you cut your IT costs and bring never-before-seen efficiency to your enterprise, call us at 800-501-DATA.

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