When we last left our young office administrator, Chosimba, he was framed by his rival Scarn for leaking sensitive company information that led to the arrest and outing of Pride Inc.’s CEO. Scarn set up Chosimba because he was in line to run Pride Inc. We now find our hero hiding in Africa, attempting to avoid litigation–based on the advice of Scarn.

Africa was much different than the city sky rises that Chosimba was used to. Chosimba wanted to get totally off the grid so he abandoned all technology, including his Rafiki 2 personal device. He used the last of his cash to purchase a used Jeep, and drove full speed ahead, into the heart of Africa.

For days, Chosimba blindly drove, taking the back roads and pressing deeper into the jungle. He was trying to get away from the civilization that ruined his life, away from the prying eyes of satellites and smartphones, and away from his worries and problems. As Chosimba drove and contemplated what to do next, he was thinking about a new life philosophy and that’s when he saw a warthog in the middle of the road. He swerved to miss it. The road was slick, he quickly lost control of his Jeep and it flipped a dozen times before coming to a stop.

As Chosimba hung upside down in his Jeep, strapped to his seat, blood began to run down his face and he passed out. While unconscious, Chosimba had a dream where his former CEO, James Earl, appeared to him from behind a cloud storage server unit. He called out to Chosimba by name and said, “You have forgotten your password, and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Chosimba. Find where the virus is from. You must take a look at the server of life. Chosimba … Chosimba ….”

Chosimba didn’t remember much after that, just random flashes of light with faint music of men singing catchy show tunes. He eventually came around, and saw that he was in some sort of makeshift bed in a rundown hut. Two men were standing over him. The first man was stocky and dark-skinned with a Mohawk and a necklace made of tusk. The other was also short, but skinny with pale skin and red hair. He seemed out of place and it was him that woke Chosimba up from singing of the song, “The King of Broadway.”

Chosimba immediately asked the two men if they have a computer with an Internet connection so he could remote into the server of life. The two African men, looked strangely at Chosimba, and then burst into laughter. They then sing a catchy song about not needing technology and the need to take life easy. The music was charming and by the end of the song Chosimba was singing along and dancing as best he could with pieces of broken windshield lodged in his right arm.

Accepting his fate and choosing not to worry about all of his old problems, at least until he is healed, Chosimba went native and decided to stay with the two men. In a matter of a few months Chosimba was able to move without pain. He was having such a good time living with his new friends that he soon forgot about Pride Inc., and by the end of the year he had a full beard and became a master at hunting wild meerkat.

For the first time in Chosimba’s privileged white collar life, everything made sense. He enjoyed hunting, he enjoyed singing, he got a thrill out of swinging on jungle vines and using downed moss-covered trees as bridges. Chosimba was completely content to be away from civilization. It only made sense that civilization would ruin this personal utopia by finding him.

A film crew was in the area from the Nature’s Animals for Life Association (NALA). They were tracking lions and one female lion strayed from the pride, leading the NALA crew straight to Chosimba’s camp. A woman from the crew named Moira happened upon Chosimba outside the hut.

They both stared at each other. There was an instant attraction, love was felt that day. Moira couldn’t stop looking at Chosimba’s tan body, chiseled abs, and wild beard, and Chosimba hadn’t seen a woman in like a year and a half. They ran down to the waterfall and made out to Elton John music blasting from Moira’s SUV. It was weird.

As the evening turned into night, more love was felt and Moira explained to Chosimba why she was in Africa. She talked about being on a mission to protect the lions from the unethical gaming practices of a greedy exotic animal meat corporation called Pride Inc. It’s been so long since Chosimba heard that name, the memories of his former life flooded back to his mind.

Chosimba assured Moira that Pride Inc. was an ethical company that respected local gaming laws. She broke the news to him that those were the old days, with Scarn running the company, local profiteers were hired to hunt illegally on their behalf. This practice has pushed many animal populations to the point of extinction, including the mighty lion, which used to be king of these lands.

Chosimba knew what he must do, he had to go back to Pride Inc. and make things right, even if it cost him his freedom. First things first, he needed to check on the server of life. Chosimba borrowed Moira’s satellite phone and called Pride Inc.’s managed service IT provider Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA.

After Chosimba explained his situation to Think Tank NTG and gave them his login credentials to the server of life, Think Tank NTG was able to remotely log into the server and retrieve the needed files that Chosimba was looking for. Chosimba thanked them for providing outstanding technical support.

In the server of life was the information needed to clear Chosimba’s name, along with evidence to convict Scarn of spreading the stampede virus. Chosimba was determined to return to Pride Inc. and fight for his kingdom, but it turns out that he didn’t have to because he had Think Tank NTG on his side. Think Tank NTG contacted the local authorities and used their remote services and network security solutions to freeze Scarns company accounts. Thanks to Think Tank NTG, Chosimba returned to his rightful place as head of Pride Inc. He restored the ethical business practices of the company he loved, and they all lived happily ever after.

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