Stream Media Wherever You Go With Chromecast

Millions of users from all over the globe would admit that Google has taken over their PC. For any major application that has been created, Google seems to have an answer for it. With the exception of television models that run “Google TV”, they hadn’t found a way to take over your TV.

Until now.

For many, streaming media is the best way to consume entertainment. Internet-based video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Google Play allow users to stream their favorite movies on demand from an Internet-connected mobile device.

Google has developed a solution on how to get the most out of a TV by creating Chromecast. Chromecast is a system consisting of:

A dongle that connects into any of the HDMI ports on your television.
An application that can be downloaded on devices that run iOS, Android, or the Google Chrome web browser.

Combined, they present a simple solution to stream content from a device to the dongle-connected television. All that you need to do is load the content you want to stream on your tablet and press the integrated Chromecast button to stream it to the television in seconds. Unlike other streaming dongles, the Chromecast dongle streams the content directly from the cloud, presenting HD-quality video that isn’t tied to the specifications of the device used to trigger Chromecast.

There are several other dongles on the market that present options to make your television more dynamic, but the Chromecast has two major advantages.

Unlike other dongles, the interface is triggered by another device, allowing users the comfort and convenience of being untethered, while controlling the content that flows across their television screens.
The whole system costs $35. Being offered at such an affordable price point, there is no question that Google has developed one of the top streaming dongles on the market.

How It Works for Business
The Chromecast is a completely viable expense for any organization’s marketing team, especially teams that construct webinars or commercials. If you are like millions of other organizations that use YouTube to present their marketing material, the Chromecast gives you the ability to take that material anywhere. Just plug the dongle into any HDMI port and you can present videos or webinars that you have previously uploaded to YouTube. It’s quick, easy, and eliminates the headaches that accompany many marketing presentations that move from venue-to-venue.

Integrated Applications
Currently the Chromecast only integrates with Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies & TV, but several other integrations are in the works from popular streaming websites such as HBO Go, Redbox Instant, VEVO, Pandora Radio, and more. You can order your own Chromecast dongle at Google Play, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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