Save Money by Wirelessly Expanding Your Network

A growing business is always in expansion mode. More revenue means that more employees will need to be hired. Every new person on-boarded will require a workstation. Adding more computers to your network will require more resources from your network, requiring you to expand your network. When you need to expand your network, you can save expansion costs by going wireless.

The rising popularity of mobile devices being used for work, also known as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, is requiring many companies to take a second look at their network’s wireless capabilities. On average, one in four devices being used in the workplace are now mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This decline of PCs is reflected in slumping sales figures, PC sales are down 14% in Q1 of 2013. Meanwhile, mobile device sales are taking off. This market reality will be reflected in your office as more workers bring in their personal devices with the expectation of accessing your network without experiencing slow speeds.

While offices will always have a need for desktops PCs, the current rise in the popularity of mobile devices presents companies that need to expand their network with a unique opportunity to expand wirelessly and save money. The obvious savings come from not having to invest in infrastructure pieces like cables and switches. Not only are their savings to be found, but it is also much easier to hook up a router than it is to have a technician burrow through the ceiling and walls routing cables.

Expanding your wireless network will still require you to perform upgrades in order to smoothly handle new traffic, along with providing permissions for different employees and customers. An expanded wireless network requires upgrades in terms of the controller hardware, software, and licensing. Despite these upgrade requirements, technicians around the world will be quick to tell you how much easier it is to set up these upgrades; as opposed to climbing ladders with a drill in one hand and a bundle of cables in the other.

To learn more about wirelessly expanding your network, call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA. We will be happy to give your network a free audit and show you the points that are slowing down traffic. We have the tools to analyze network traffic and compare your needs with how the network is being used. We might mean discover that using a content filtering device to crack down on employees streaming media will help save you the expense of expansion altogether. Call us today and let Think Tank NTG help you with all of your networking needs!

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