How new are the windows in your home? Do you have problems when you’re trying to open them, such as they don’t stay up or simply won’t budge? How about when you walk by them, do you feel a draft because their seals are shot? When this happens, what’s the first thing you think? More than likely it’s “I need to replace them ASAP”. If you think this way when it comes to your home, then why not the same when it comes to your business?

Much like the house window, older versions of Windows are no longer supported, which basically means your security “seal” is weak allowing for “drafts” (malicious software) to breach your computer. Therefore, for numerous reasons, we suggest upgrading your workstations to a supported version of Windows.

Those of you still using Windows XP should start their migration now because support runs out on April 8, 2014. If you’re using an older version then XP, then you would be better off, and have more fun, throwing your workstations down a flight of stairs. Although you should backup first, which should be simple because you could virtually host all your workstations from a thumb drive.

Seriously though, it’s absolutely vital that you upgrade to a supported Windows Platform. Running an unsupported version leaves your business open to attacks like a breeze through an open window, and being able to use new software will be nonexistent. If your workstations do not meet the hardware requirements, then you’ll need to upgrade your hardware, or buy new workstations. If your business has multiple workstations, then using the free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit can help make the process seamless.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your migration either. It’s best for security and efficiency purposes to begin this transition now. Some software companies are already beginning to ignore XP supported versions when creating or updating their software, so you’re already beginning to miss out.

If you need help or advice migrating your workstations over, Think Tank NTG is here, and willing to provide all the support you need. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and can alleviate some of the headache from an OS migration. Plus, we can throw computers down stairs really well.

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