MOOOOVE! IT Support Lessons from Nick Burns

IT support is not without its stereotypes. These stereotypes can make for some great humor, as seen in Jimmy Fallon’s Saturday Night Live character, Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy. Behind every Nick Burns stereotype is a truth about poor IT service. Let’s take a look at Nick to show you how we are nothing like him.



Professional Appearance
The first thing you will notice about Nick is his unique look. His shirt is oversized and his part-down-the-middle hairstyle is accentuated by a greasy gleam due to a lack of showering. Plus, you’ve got to hand it to Nick for being brave enough to try pulling off a mustache, but his dirt lip isn’t really working for him. To top it off, Nick has enough devices on his belt that he could pass for the superhero he undoubtedly looks up to.

At Think Tank NTG, our technicians maintain a professional appearance that will fit into any modern office environment. While we can’t promise that our technicians will have movie actor appearances (if they did, they would be actors), we can promise that our technicians will be dressed to impress and not have Nick Burns’ haircut.

Customer Service
“What’s your problem?” Nick loves to ask this question with a condescending tone. Nick’s poor attitude stems from a superiority complex because he knows much more about computers than the office workers he was hired to help. Nick showcases his knowledge by recommending to users they type in a ridiculous code combination to remedy the issue, and when the user shows any sign of not getting it, Nick will then demand they move aside with his famous tag line “MOOOOVE!”

At Think Tank NTG, our technicians have been trained to provide great customer service, which means treating users with respect. One thing Think Tank NTG’s technicians and Nick Burns actually have in common is knowledge. Like Nick, we are computer experts, but unlike Nick, we will never be condescending to the people we serve. Think Tank NTG works hard to go above and beyond with our customer service, and we promise not to order you around by telling you to “Move.”

In fact, thanks to Think Tank NTG’s remote services, you actually won’t need a technician to stand over your shoulder for issues like “screensavers freezing up your PC.” Thanks to our remote monitoring and maintenance tools, Think Tank NTG can actually prevent problems like this from happening while they’re still small issues. We do this by taking care of the issues with our remote maintenance service. Also, we don’t have to order you to “move” because we can politely accomplish the same thing over the phone by controlling your computer from our end; this way, you won’t have to type in a ridiculous code.

Not all IT technicians are like Nick Burns. Give Think Tank NTG a call at 800-501-DATA, we will be happy to show you how IT service can actually be a helpful and enjoyable experience.