It’s About the Best Solution, Not the Latest

You may have been using a PC long enough to remember just how awesome Microsoft Word 98 was. When Microsoft first released their Office 98 productivity suite with programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, there was really nothing quite like it on the market. Unfortunately for some businesses, Word 98 isn’t nostalgia, it’s a daily reality.

Word 98 is a popular application from the 90s that we still see in use with a few businesses today, and it’s not the only outdated software that modern companies are still running. A business that’s dug in and using outdated software must have a good reason for their reluctance to upgrade, since it’s virtually impossible to be oblivious to the fact that newer software is available (especially when the outdated software is named after the year of its release).

What Kind of PC User would Do Such a Thing?
A PC user running software like Word 98 in 2014 fits a very practical profile. They likely drive an old car that they bought used (with cash), and they plan on using it until it’s undrivable. They may also rarely buy new clothes, deeming fashion to be an unnecessary expense. Instead, they choose to dress practically and wear used clothes from thrift stores. The technology in their home may also reflect the technology of their workplace, and they may still use a tube television because “it still works.”

A person that fits this description thinks practically and runs their business through this prism of pragmatism. People that wear old clothes and run old applications on their computers are often strong-willed individuals that don’t fold to the marketing pressures of society to buy something just because it’s new. In fact, a person still using Word 98 may be proud of themselves because they’re accomplishing their word processing needs without spending money on each updated version of the Word software that Microsoft releases, and thus, they are “beating the system.”

Think Tank NTG Can Present the Best Solutions
At Think Tank NTG, we totally understand the value of running a business by being practical with one’s resources, and rest assured, we’re not trying to sell you the latest technology in order to line our pockets. On the contrary, our focus is to provide your business with solutions that work best for you, and sometimes the solutions we suggest won’t be the latest because we understand that your needs may not require the newest version with all the bells and whistles.

When Old Technology can Harm Your Business
That being said, there comes a time when an older technology, while still serving its original purpose, may be causing a business more harm than good. In the case of a program like Word 98, a business running it may be vulnerable to downtime caused from complications, like an old Word document not being compatible with a newer application, or old software may even cause lag from all the bugs that have developed over the years.

Then there’s the issue of security. Old software has more vulnerabilities for hackers to take advantage of. A classic example of this is computers that are still running Windows XP. Windows XP is set to have its support end by Microsoft on April 8, which means that it will no longer be able to receive security updates, and computers running it will become extremely vulnerable to malware after this date.

Old software can also harm your business by causing you to miss opportunities that new solutions offer. For example, unlike software from the 90s, new applications are equipped with cloud computing features, allowing your team to easily share files from anywhere and on any device. The cloud also allows for integrated backup so the user isn’t dependent on antiquated processes such as the necessity of hitting Ctrl + S every few minutes. By not using the latest solutions, your business may be missing out on some great features that can give your company the competitive edge.

Update What’s Important with Think Tank NTG
Like wearing a hand-me-down outfit, sometimes it’s okay to use old software. However, sometimes using old solutions can leave a business vulnerable and cause you to miss out on some great opportunities. Think Tank NTG can help you by assessing your current technology setup, and then recommend what you need to update, along with going over with you which technologies are okay to stick with.

We too look at business practically, and we think that you will appreciate working with an IT partner that you can trust, instead of a break-fix company that’s just trying to profit off of your pain. Call us today at 800-501-DATA to get your systems up-to-date in a practical way!

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