Is FOU (Fear Of Upgrades) Paralyzing YOU?

Simplify Desktop Management with Think Tank and Citrix

Did the launch of Windows 10 last summer get you thinking again about adopting the latest OS and desktop for your business? Did you get a slight feeling of dread at the thought, even though you’d love to take advantage of all the new features and benefits? If so, you’re not alone.

Staying current with software and hardware is a challenge for companies of all sizes, especially if you’re still doing manual updates. The number of PCs and other devices your IT team has to manage has become a huge effort as you work to maintain and update apps, patch OSs and continually replace outdated, lost or stolen machines.

New, employee-owned devices are probably entering into your IT environment as well ““ with employees seeking flexibility to work their way ““ creating further management challenges. These employee-owned devices might already be running Windows 10 or another OS and your business-critical apps may not be compatible, which can cause a loss in employee productivity. And when employees use their own devices to access critical-business data without complying with company security policies, it puts your data at risk.

If you identify with these challenges, you should join the growing number of forward-thinking businesses that are modernizing their desktop computing environments through app and desktop virtualization. This is a cost-effective yet powerful alternative to physically managing all of your employee desktops and other devices.

Think Tank provides app and desktop virtualization solutions powered by Citrix allowing you to both modernize your computing environment and transform the way you manage and support your employee desktops, laptops and personal devices. With app and desktop virtualization solutions from Think Tank and Citrix, you can:

“¢ Centrally manage and securely deliver Windows desktops and apps to any device ““ PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones, laptops, and thin clients ““ all with complete personalization for your employees
“¢ Adopt the latest Windows OS with ease and speed ““ as soon as its available
“¢ Run multiple OSs side-by-side on any device
“¢ Extend the life of your legacy apps without requiring you to upgrade them for new OS releases
“¢ Run newer apps on older hardware, extending its useful life
“¢ Provide mobile workers with secure access to their desktops from anywhere, anytime, on any device
“¢ Significantly reduce the time, complexity and costs associated with desktop management

To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from Think Tank and Citrix, visit where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or give us a call at 1-800-501-DATA.

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