The freeze of winter is hard on everyone and everything, especially windows. Seeing that on Tuesday, 90% of the US was literally frozen due to what meteorologists are calling a “polar vortex,” we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about how to prevent your Windows from freezing with managed IT services!

The best way to unfreeze a window is to use a tool. For your vehicle’s windshield, you would use an ice scraper and frantically hack away at the ice while cursing Old Man Winter. For Windows OS, the tool you use to unfreeze it is Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Likewise, this keystroke tool is often frantically used and may cause you to curse Old Man Gates.

Both kinds of frozen windows can be very frustrating, but there are solutions that will prevent them. One is very involved and requires people to pack up their belongings and move to place where sunshine dominates, like sunny Florida. This is probably the primary reason why Florida grew by more than 3 million people since 2000. Managed IT Service is a solution to prevent your Windows OS from freezing, and is likely a lot simpler than relocating your entire life. Managed IT is an automatic and preventive process that you can set up by calling Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA. You don’t even have to go outside for this one!

On a blistering cold polar vortex of a day, wouldn’t it be nice to peak outside your kitchen window with a cup of hot cocoa in your hand and see that the ice has been scraped from your car’s windows, the engine is running along with the heater and the driveway is even cleared? This is the type of service that you get when Think Tank NTG manages your IT. When you go home for the night, to your warm house and your cozy bed, we will remotely perform updates to your company’s workstations, scan your system for viruses, delete cookies and temporary files, and a host of other tasks that would otherwise take precious time out of your busy workday if you had to do it.

The advantage of outsourcing your IT with us is that you will come into the office in the morning to find all of your computers running at optimum efficiency, which means that your system will be ready to take on another profitable work day–much like having your car scraped before work. This kind of preventive care is the very best way to safeguard your business from your workstations freezing up in the middle of an important project. By preventing computer glitches and crashes, your organization will be able to make some cold cash because downtime will be minimized.

Much like taking a fall on the ice can injure your body and make you less productive, so too can computers that freeze injure your company’s efficiency and cause expensive downtime. You can prevent downtown caused by IT problems by having us take care of them remotely with our managed IT services while they are still small issues. To have Think Tank NTG prevent your Windows from freezing, give us a call at 800-501-DATA.

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