How a Spam Filtering Solution is Like the Sheriff of Your Network

When it comes to the security of your company’s network, you need to have a strike plan to get you out of any potentially threatening situations. Essentially, your network needs an email security solution like a spam filter to act as a sheriff for your business.

Think Tank NTG offers your business a black-belt spam filtering solution as part of our Unified Threat Management tool. Spam emails are the most common way that computer viruses spread. Therefore, having a spam solution that keeps an eye on potential threats at all times is the best way to protect your company’s valuable data. Here’s how Think Tank NTG’s spam filtering solution uses an A, B, and C strike plan that works to keep you safe.

A: Assessment of the Situation
A good spam filtering solution is always watching over your network by keeping an eye on all incoming traffic. When a new email hits your inbox, it’s as if the spam filter stops it in its tracks and gives it an ocular patdown. This first step is necessary because spam is effective in its ability to trick the mild-mannered PC user into opening the message and downloading its attachment.

B: Garner if the Message is a Security Risk
These deceptive spam messages are known as phishing emails, and they’re designed to pass off as legitimate messages from trusted companies. Phishing emails have deceived even the most educated business professionals, which is why you need a spam filtering solution in place that knows exactly what to look for. Think Tank NTG’s spam filtering solution is able to break down the security situation with every incoming message in order to determine if it’s a threat or not.

C: Clear the Email for Passage
A spam filtering solution will only let trustworthy messages hit your email inbox. All other messages deemed to be a threat will be directed to the spam folder. You can adjust the settings on your UTM so that these spam messages will automatically be deleted, or you can choose to manually go through them, just in case you think a valuable message may have been miscategorized.

In addition to increased protection for your company’s network security, having a spam filtering solution in place will increase your company’s productivity. Did you know that more than 60 percent of all email sent over the Internet is spam? When employees have to sort through their spam messages, it can annually cost your business an average of $712 per worker due to the amount of productivity that’s lost.

By getting a network sheriff like a UTM solution from Think Tank NTG to assess the security situation of your business, your data will be protected and you will see an increase in productivity. Call us at 800-501-DATA to gain a sunny disposition about your company’s network security.

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