Have Your Movements Tracked with Diff Displays

Are you enjoying the benefits of using multiple monitors? Once you have experienced the power of using more than two or more monitors, it is Diffficult to go back to using just one. As great as multiple monitors are, they can be distracting and consume extra power. Diff Displays is a new tech that takes care of both of these issues.

Diff Displays is a multi-monitor tracking system that is in development by a team from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK. It utilizes cameras to track which monitors you are looking at. The monitor that you are facing will be powered on like normal, when you turn your head to look at your other monitor the camera will pick up this movement and awaken it from an energy-saving sleep.

While we are still a few years away from having a computer interface that picks up the movement of our eyeballs, or using a PC that displays a swipeable hologram, having a motion sensing system like Difff Displays might be the next best thing. Just be sure to keep an eye on your cat, because all hell will break loose as soon as Mr. Kitty jumps up on your keyboard.

Diff Display does more than switch your computer monitors from sleep to awake, it also has a feature that will allow you to still be able to view the changes on your unattended monitor. Giving you four Diffferent display options to track the changes in your sleeping monitoring, the monitor will look darkened and almost completely faded out. When a change to the display occurs, like a social media notification, then that change will be highlighted with white outline that is readable.

With the black and white display, your unattended monitor will have a cool night vision feel to it that is actually less distracting than having multiple monitors all powered on with a dozen open apps. As a bonus, you will be saving electricity.

You can download an executable version of the Difff Displays for free from the St. Andrews website.

We have seen motion sensing controls in video games and smartphones; this is one of the first applications of the technology for PCs. Can you think of any other fun ways that motion sensing can enhance your PC experience? Share your ideas in the comments!

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