How does it make you feel having to call IT support? If you’ve never talked with one of our IT technicians, then you may think of the stereotypical scenario of dealing with an incoherent foreigner and dread making the call. We feel IT Support should be quick, easy, and resolve the problem, not test the limits of your patience.



The idea of IT Support is pretty simple; your computer breaks, you can’t fix it, so you pick up the phone to talk with someone that can. Unfortunately, IT support has gotten a bad rap over the years from IT companies trying to save money by outsourcing their support technicians to foreign countries where there are cheaper labor costs. This move to save on payroll complicates what should be a simple solution.

This push to save money only frustrates customers calling in for help when they run into a language barrier, and this frustration will only deteriorate customer relations and hurt sales in the long run. This move defeats the very objective an IT company is trying to achieve by outsourcing their customer service, and deteriorates the company’s reputation.

To make matters worse, a customer that just lost it over the phone talking with a funny sounding foreigner will be quick to share their negative experience with others. Statistically, people are more apt to share a bad customer experience rather than a positive one. Think about it, how many times have you heard your coworkers at the water cooler rave about how polite and helpful the cable company operator was? No way! People love griping to each other about being wronged. It’s a way to make themselves feel better if they can coerce others to join them in their rage.

Think Tank NTG does the extra work it takes to make your IT support calls go smoothly and be helpful. It’s the right thing to do and it’s good business sense. It’s been shown that it takes twelve positive customer experiences to offset a single negative experience. Twelve! With all the time and expense it takes to make up for one bad customer experience, it’s worth it to pay the extra money and just hire a local technician that speaks your language to handle your phone call. Plus, the salary dollars will stay in the country and boost the Northwest Indiana economy (which needs all the help it can get!)

When you call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA, you will get superior help from an articulate technician. We understand that, when you call in for help, you’re already frustrated from troubleshooting your downed equipment. Therefore, we work hard to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, which requires clear communication and expert advice.

Quality customer service is just one of the many ways Think Tank NTG is committed to making your technology work for you. You can experience this customer service yourself by talking to one of our friendly technicians at 800-501-DATA.

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