Eight Reasons to Check Out Flat Fee IT from Think Tank NTG

Think Tank’s Sidekick MSP Services offer 24x7 IT solutions and support for your business, all at a fixed monthly rate. We call it Flat Fee IT.

Because your success ““ no matter your size or industry ““ depends on technology.  

When you use Think Tank’s Flat Fee IT program you never have to worry about your tech working again. Here are 8 reasons why Flat Fee IT works for so many businesses:


  1. 24x7x365 your network is proactively defended, monitored and healed.
  2. Servers are patched and Desktops are updated with the latest security.
  3. anti-virus protection is automatic, monitored and seamless.
  4. Hackers are kept at bay by state-of-the-art firewall countermeasures deployed and watched over all day long by your side kick team.
  5. eMail – viruses and spam are taken care before you ever see them.
  6. Continuous, Real-Time data back-ups keep your work safe and encryption technology keeps it secure.
  7. Employees are happier and more productive when the tools they use work when they do.  Spreadsheet won’t open? Printer won’t print? Just click an icon on your device and your Think Tank Sidekick team member will respond to your call for help, and fast. No scheduling needed. 
  8. Think Tank’s MSP center services features cloud technology with multi-path failover and layered physical and virtual security, all manned by real people at a US-Based technology firm a quarter century old.

Flat Fee IT from Think Tank NTG. Techs so good, they should wear capes! 

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