Conquering the Tech Talk Barrier

So often we’re reminded during visits with clients how intimidating technology can be for users. The conversations we have at Think Tank would likely sound like an entirely different language to most people. That’s why our techs take great care to speak with you, not to or above you. We want to make sure you understand the technology you use to work every day, and how we help support it or save it, should an unforeseen event happen.

That’s why we were especially pleased to receive feedback from a business we assisted recently during a disaster situation. The busy doctor’s office was without internet and work systems were down, their usual tech was on vacation and his back-up was a no show, so stress levels were high. The contact for the business, Gabby, speaks English as a second language to her native German, adding another layer of complexity to the usual tech talk barrier. Or so it would seem.

Gabby called Think Tank for help, and it turns out Anthony, one of our amazing techs, was able to make Gabby feel very comfortable in a stressful situation. Not only was Think Tank able to step in and rescue the office technology, but Anthony was also able to explain things in a way to Gabby so she understood the situation. Here’s what she sent us following her appointment with Think Tank:

“I wanted to thank you again for the promp respond even so that we are not a current client of you. Your technician was friendly and kind and explained things and I did not fill like an idiot. He knew how to tell thinks to the client in normal terms so that I was able to understand what was wrong.”

Our pleasure Gabby ““ thank you for allowing Think Tank NTG to help!

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