Break Free from Your Desk with Desktop Virtualization

Have you ever sat at your desk on a gorgeous day, looked out the window and thought to yourself, “What would it take to escape the office and do my work outside?” With an IT process called Desktop Virtualization, you can break free from your desk and accomplish your work outside while enjoying the fresh air.

Desktop Virtualization is a mobile solution that allows you to host your desktop along with all of your applications in the cloud. This will allow you to view and access your work from an inexpensive thin client, which would save you the expense of buying and maintaining a powerful workstation. For all of you daydreamers, Desktop Virtualization will also give you the ability to accomplish work on your mobile device, like a laptop or tablet, while sitting on a park bench soaking in the beauty of nature.

Having the ability to enjoy a nice day by running your Windows desktop on an Android tablet is just one benefit of virtualizing your desktop. This process can also benefit the IT operations of your business by streamlining your network. Here are just a few ways your business can benefit from Desktop Virtualization:

  • One Location for all Your Needs. Instead of having to maintain and adjust settings on multiple end-user devices, your OS and applications will be secured and accessible in the cloud.
  • Easy to Enhance Performance. If you’re working on a project on your virtualized desktop and you notice that performance is beginning to lag, then you can increase your RAM allocation with just a few clicks.
  • A Safe Way to BYOD. Because a virtual desktop separates end-user hardware from corporate software with a secure firewall, it provides a safe way for workers to use their personal devices for work purposes.
  • Individual Applications can be Virtualized. With a virtualized desktop, a device can access an application over the cloud without needing to install or upgrade software.
  • Snapshotting Technology. The benefit to this is that an entire company’s Virtual Desktop is based on a single standard image, which means it only has to be patched and updated once and fewer resources are taken up on end-user PCs.

Having the ability to take your work outside and enjoy the beautiful weather by virtualizing your desktop is only a phone call away. Call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA and break free from the shackles of your desk!

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