Agent Chrome Goes Incognito in Google City

Agent Chrome is a pretty well-known guy in Google City. In fact, you could say he was the top of his class at Browser University, and everybody who is anybody knows who he is. When on the job, Agent Chrome sometimes needs to lay low and avoid the prying eyes of the masses around him. And this particular operation, rightfully dubbed “Incognito,” is one such occasion.

The mission itself? It might require any number of things; it could require hijacking his own computer and accessing his secret account at the same time as his personal one, or maybe he needs to infiltrate an enemy base and retrieve something without them knowing (or his fiancé’s surprise birthday present). He could even let other people use his accounts without them viewing history from his own account.

But, as always, there is one objective that looms overhead, and drives the mission – to remain undetected. That’s what Operation Incognito is all about; Agent Chrome must dive deep into the underworld of Google City and remain undetected the entire time. But for Agent Chrome, it should be a piece of cake, for he has Think Tank NTG on his side to make this feat easier done than said. With all of Agent Chrome’s unique gadgets and Think Tank NTG’s technical prowess, his mission will be a success.

Chrome starts Operation Incognito by navigating his way through the treacherous task bar, laden will several apps and traps to slow him down, like laser surveillance systems (pop-up blockers), enemy lackeys (Google Hangouts), and other distractions. His mission: to purchase an anniversary gift, without being detected by his significant other. Finally, he makes his way toward the control mechanism of Google City itself: the Customize and control Google Chrome apparatus.

Upon further investigation, he notices that the apparatus gives him the option to go undercover with the aptly named New Incognito Window selection.

Without reading the description (or rather, warning) that pops up on the screen, he feels he has little to fear, and jumps right into the action once more, searching for an anniversary gift. However, he fails to notice the cameras in the corner of the room following his every move. A huge explosion occurs and fifty men, armed to the teeth, ambush Agent Chrome. He wonders how it could be that he was discovered so easily, but the warning message comes back to bite him.

Just because he’s incognito doesn’t mean that people can’t see him. He should have been more careful planning out his entry and his escape, because now he’s in a hairy mess that probably won’t be resolved without more chaos (and explosions). However, he can’t forget the reason why he came here in the first place.

But he has no time! He has secret agents coming at him left and right, each clad in black turtlenecks that he feels would look oh-so-lovely on himself. He tries to fend them off, all while trying to communicate with Think Tank NTG to tell us that he needs reinforcements. Before long, a pile of unconscious men surround Chrome, and they have called in the big guns – literally, very big guns, and he is forced to flee.

The system of the building has initiated a code-red, and has recognized him as a threat. Explosions and sirens ring through the building, and the security system is trying to lock him in and shut down, preventing his escape. In order to prevent this he should have accessed the Google City files themselves in his own system and made Incognito his default form of browsing. He decides it’s not too late to give it a try.

He cuts to the right (Right-click) in the main hub (Desktop) and notices a New option he hadn’t noticed before – a Shortcut.

He needs to find another apparatus to access the main system, and he knows exactly where he can find it. Think Tank NTG detects no signs of his pursuit”¦ at the moment. Agent Chrome decides to Browse around the area and finds a bulky, old Windows XP Computer (he clicks Browse > Computer). The door slams shut behind him, trapping him. “Looks like I have no choice,” he sighs, and boots up the computer. It still works, to his surprise, and he starts to look for what he needs.

In the Computer files, he investigates the Program Files (x86) and he finds the central files of Google City itself, and to his surprise, there is a large, extensive file specifically about him in it.

He notices several slurs and rude comments about his behavior from his coworkers, in addition to finding just what he needs – access to his file.

All he needs to do is click OK and type the word-incognito into the file path”¦

As soon as he’s finished with his business, the computer short-circuits and black smoke pours out of it. The sound of explosions and gunfire cease, and everything goes quiet around Chrome. The sirens stop, and the lockdown opens up. He is hidden once more, but he still hasn’t accomplished his goal – buying that perfect gift.

He slinks his way back to the control room, now very-much destroyed, no thanks to him. But, the computer is still intact, and he is able to access Amazon.

He places his order for the manliest shirt in existence, and just like that, mission accomplished. He returns to Think Tank NTG headquarters a hero and a genius. If you are ever in a tight technical spot, call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA. We’ll do what we can to solve your problems with as few explosions and gunshots as possible.

We hope you enjoyed the adventures of Agent Chrome. Keep in mind, using Incognito mode basically just prevents your browser from tracking what you do online. Your history, cookies, and other information won’t be saved during that browser session. However, your activity will still be seen by your ISP, and possibly anyone on your network who is monitoring internet activity.

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