6 Ways to Step it Up While Spending Down

Expenses from running a business can add up quickly. We want to help by sharing six easy things you can do that will save you money and improve your workplace. Even though these two goals may seem diametrically opposed, we have found that they can work together in a synchronized harmony!

Spending Down
Spending down is a huge way to remain efficient and profitable. For example, using your old Pentium 4 PC as your video conferencing station is a great way to get another great use out of your old technology. Whether you’re redeploying older servers to be fashioned for low demanding applications, or your accounting department is still using PCs from 2007, there is usually a way to squeeze every possible ounce of use out of your tech. Spending down saves you money and your business comes off as a well-oiled machine that can utilize every possible tool around.

Consider Laptops
When the time comes to upgrade office workstation, you could consider laptops. Laptops take up less physical space than desktops, and they’re designed to be much more energy efficient. Laptops now have more than enough power to handle the majority of tasks in almost any office, and they’re not too expensive due to the market having a healthy demand for new tablet-laptop hybrids. Laptops are great for saving money on expenses while making the office more efficient.

Shop Northwest Indiana
You’ll learn that it’s better to shop locally than it is to scour the web for the best deals. This is especially true when looking for heavy office items, like desks, chairs, or even a big screen television for the conference room. When ordering from online retailers, you may be able to save a little in your initial costs, but what about shipping costs? How long will it take to arrive? It makes more fiscal sense to drive to your Northwest Indiana retailer and make a purchase, or you can even save the drive and talk to Think Tank NTG about finding great deals on what you’re looking for. The time you save by shopping locally will more than outweigh the few dollars that could’ve been saved online. Plus, you can pat yourself on the back for helping the Northwest Indiana economy.

Take Advantage of the Cloud
It’s difficult for a business to go completely paperless, but you can take advantage of sharing your work digitally to save time and money, all while going green. Thanks to technology innovations like the cloud, documents can be easily shared from anywhere, and your office becomes a greener place thanks to less necessary printing. With the cloud, the majority of your employees can access their important documents via their workstation, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and the savings can be immeasurable if the constant flow of office memos, flyers, and pamphlets stay in the digital realm.

Get Your Staff Involved
Reach out to your employees to explore ideas they may have about how your company can save money and become more efficient. What they come up with may surprise you. Your employees are just as invested in the company as you are, they too will benefit from lower costs and higher efficiency. You aren’t the only person in your company looking to the future, some of the most insightful thoughts and ideas can come from those on the ground floor.

Outsource Your IT
How do you approach IT problems? If you are calling a computer break-fix company for every repair, or if you are looking to add another IT technician to your staff, then you can save a lot of money with Think Tank NTG’s managed IT services. By outsourcing your IT services, your entire network will be stepping it up in the performance department because your computers will be receiving professional maintenance thanks to our remote tools.

Following these six simple practices can enable you to have an office that continues to grow financially and even aesthetically. Achieving this is as easy as watching your costs. Before you know it, both company morale and profitability will be up and unnecessary expenses will be a thing of the past! Call Think Tank NTG at 800-501-DATA for more suggestions on how to make your technology work for you!

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