3 Talk-to-Text Apps that are Well Worth the Money

The development of mobile platforms have led to the development of hundreds of apps that give users the ability to capture websites, take notes, and do just about anything else as it pertains to a person’s daily business tasks. Some users of modern smartphones (and other mobile devices) routinely complain about the reliability of the on-screen keyboard interface, as communication is as important to the development and outcome of projects as ever. For this reason, some developers have begun creating applications that allow users to dictate to their devices; turning spoken words in to text. Here are three of the most reliable options to turn your voice into text.

For years, Evernote has been the predominant note-taking application on the Android platform, helping users keep track of their ideas and managing useful content. The app has always allowed users to capture and store sound bytes, but now it provides the option to convert those audio files into text format. The app allows users to keep both the audio file and the transcribed text file together so that they have access to both. This extraordinarily useful option provides an outlet in which to cross-check the two to ensure everything was translated properly.

Besides capturing audio to text, with Evernote you can produce notes, collect information, and catalog that information in a way where a simple interface search can help you have any of the data you’ve saved at your fingertips in seconds. The app also has options to chat with collaborators and share files, providing the seamless cooperation tool you need in today’s fast-moving business environment.

Dragon Dictation
Another option that takes advantage of voice-to-text is the #1 audio dictation software Dragon. This app is very simple. In fact, it has only one button; tap it to record, and again to stop. Once you finish dictation, the text will show up, which can be a little discombobulating at first, but it doesn’t take long to do it. With the renowned accuracy of Dragon software behind the app, you will be able to produce lengthy emails, notes, status updates, and more. Copying the text is a cinch, as is saving it for later.

Voice Assistant
The Voice Assistant app has been redesigned for iOS and is now easier to use than ever. Simply switch to your preferred option and you can convert your audio files to text. Once you have the text file available you can use the auto copy feature to send your transcripts to the apps you use most, making it a quick and easy solution when looking to transcend mediums. Voice assistant is a great alternative to the onboard virtual assistant-like apps such as Siri. Supporting over 22 separate languages and with integrations with some of today’s most important apps, Voice Assistant can be purchased for only $.99.

If you are searching for a way to make dictation easier for you, consider these three options. Do you find speech-to-text useful? If so, what application do you frequently use to turn your audio files into text? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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