3 Reasons to Supplement Your In-House IT Department

Just because you have an IT technician on staff, doesn’t mean your technology needs are 100% covered. The people making up your IT department are just that, people, and because they are people, having reliable coverage can be difficult. Outsourcing your IT department is the perfect way to get the extra coverage your business needs, especially when your IT team can’t be there for you.

It can sometimes be hard to count on your employees. Here are three employee-related reasons that you will want to supplement your IT coverage by outsourcing your technology needs to Think Tank NTG.

Employees Get Sick
When it comes to getting sick and all of these other reasons, you really can’t count these excuses against your employees. It’s just part of life to have something come up like the flu that takes an employee away from their job. The only way to guarantee that excuses like sickness never takes someone away from their job is to replace a human employee with a robot. Robots never get sick, never sleep, and they can always be counted on. Although, even if you replace your entire staff with reliable and disease-free robots, you will still have to find a way to keep your robots in good working order with a human IT department. This is a classic example of what’s called a catch twenty two.

Employees Celebrate Holidays
Only the most cold-hearted-Ebenezer-Scrooge-type-boss never celebrates a holiday and expects their staff to follow suit. There are many holidays that you and the government deem worthy enough to close down operations for, and your employees can likely find several additional holidays that they think are worth taking off work for. Technology doesn’t respect any holiday and can break down even during our nation’s most celebrated days. Therefore, it’s good to have Think Tank NTG monitor your technology every single day, including all of the holidays.

Employees Have Families
Employees with families work to support their families. For most workers, family life takes priority over work life. Therefore, when a family emergency arises, an employee will take off work to see to it. If the only IT technician that you have on staff has a family, then they will likely need some extra days off to take care of their family. An in-house IT technician with a family will appreciate having Think Tank NTG cover their job for them whenever a family emergency arises like a newborn baby, a sick family member that needs care, a graduation ceremony, or all the other photo-album worthy things that come with having a family.

You may have a great IT technician on staff that you can count on, but because they are human, they will have to take time off and leave your technology unprotected. Instead of replacing your human staff with robots or only hiring people without families, consider supplementing your technology needs by outsourcing them to Think Tank NTG. Call us at 800-501-DATA to have your technology work for you…especially for the times when your staff can’t work for you.

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